The Company

Bolzano Brazil tannery was founded in 2002 focusing on high added value products for footwear, handbags and accessories. Our company is notable for developing unique products to meet the most diverse needs of each customer. We offer flexibility, producing with high technical performance in compliance with physical-chemical tests and international regulations of restricted substances.

Our Values and Mission

Ethics Innovation Environmental Responsibility Productivity and Profitability Planning and Control


Produce leathers and offer services with high quality standards, innovation in modern designs aligned with fashion trends, committed to the final result and social and environmental responsibility.

Our Products

Collections are developed four times a year according to a previous research done by the development sector. The company constantly invests in new finishing technologies, both in machinery, new raw materials, prints and textures that enhance the nobility of leather. The tannery has a wide variety of products that are divided into three lines: Collection, Classic and Basic.

The Collection line features unique leathers, sometimes with manual finishes with intensive use of techniques and special labor. The Classic line leathers are recognized by their technical performance and natural appeal, characterized by the good cutting yield. The Basic Line is aimed at the mass market with economical and uniform products.


Bolzano has a research team that gathers fashion trends around the world and starts working on collections based on the evaluated concepts. From this point, we look for chemical products and the application of designs and prints that offer our customers a unique finished leather.


Since the beginning of its operations, Bolzano tannery has guided its productive activity respecting the environment, only using chemicals with minor environmental impact and giving specific treatment to the generated residues. The treatment plant has a primary, secondary and tertiary structure, and the processed water returns to nature always within the standards required by the competent environmental agencies.

All this investment in environmental care is already recognized by the market and class entities, which in 2004 granted the company an outstanding national prize for its effluent treatment installations (Fimec, 2004). In addition, the tannery also invests in energy efficiency of the productive process.